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What does tobukao mean?

Word originated in the streets of Valencia back in the 2000s, it described people with a very muscular visual appearance (Rafa Mora flow) but for us, "Tobukao" means being strong not only because of your muscles, but because of your skills and attitude, Tobukao means: Feel the power.

feel the power

"Feel the power" is our slogan, and it has a deep meaning. On the one hand, it talks about how you will feel the power of motivation and dopamine by holding a Tobukao product in your hands. Every time you put on our t-shirt or use our Bukà jump rope, the feeling of motivation and satisfaction will fill you with energy to achieve your goals.

But it also goes further. "Feel the Power" talks about that feeling of accomplishment that you experience when you finally achieve something that you have been pursuing with dedication and effort. It is the moment in which you realize everything you are capable of doing, and in that moment, it lasts very little, but in that moment, happiness surrounds you and when it is over, like an addict you look for your next dose, a new aim.

How is it played?

Our flagship product is “La Comba Bukà”, the must-have to feel the power! It is made with ultra-resistant PVC, 5mm cable and a locking system to adjust it to your flow. Designed in Valencia to take your jumps and training to the next level.

In addition, we also have a super wapa sportswear collection, quality, trendy and 100% made in Valencia to rock your training sessions.

Anything else?

Yes, at Tobukao we believe in the importance of creativity. We don't just want you to feel fit, we want you to awaken your creative genius! Creativity is a source of dopamine and, along with physical exercise, it is key to your happiness.

And that is why we constantly work on creative and educational content for our community, carrying out POP UPS in the neighborhoods of Valencia or skipping and training masterclasses in different clubs and associations.

So join us on this adventure to feel the power. With Tobukao, you will not only have quality products, but also a community and constant inspiration to achieve your goals and improve yourself every day.